Tuesday, 5 September 2017

3 x Flood Risk Assessment - Bridgwater & Highbridge

3 x Flood Risk Assessment  - Bridgwater & Highbridge

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned for a "job lot" of 3 Flood Risk Assessment within Sedgemoor District Council Administrative Area.

The flood risk assessments were prepared on a rapid turnaround, provided with practical advice for the design response and resilience measures.

A good report needs good data.

Flood Defenses in the Area are not great.

Flood depths exceed flood defences.

The three projects were conversions of existing buildings and parts of buildings fro use as residential dwellings. These conversion add a constraint to the design in that often one can not extend outside the envelope of the existing building.

This becomes problematic when flood water depth is much above 50cm, as raising of floor level beyond this height is often impractcial and so other solutions have to be offered up.

Flood Risk

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