Thursday, 11 May 2017

Flood Risk Assessment - Exeter

Flood Risk Assessment  - Exeter

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently carried out a flood risk assessment for a site in Exeter, Devon. The site was very close to the river exe flood relief channel and as such it was important to establish whether it was indeed possible to build a dwelling at the location that would:

  1. Mitigate Against Flood Risk 
  2. Remain in Keeping with Surrounding Buildings
The problem is that is flood depths are too great then a building ground floor use may have to be limited to no residential use. If neighbouring buildings are "normal" houses then the proposed structure may look out of place, and this can cause problems when in planning .

Topography Indicates a Level Area

The Site is Well Within Flood Zone 3

Flood Depths were Fairly Deep on Site
In this instance SWEL were to prepare a report to set before the Environment Agency for scrutiny outside of formal planning. In this way we can check that the project is viable from a flood risk point of view prior to proceeding with planning proper and all the extra time and expense that that involves. 

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