Thursday, 6 February 2014

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

SWEL were engaed to undertake a geotechnical investigation within an existing reatial unit, structural engineers required ground data so as to construct a mezzanine floor.

There was restrict access on site but with the help of an expert crew from Stunt Drilling Services,  3 rotary boreholes were advanced 10 meters below ground level in to the Sandstones and Coal measures that underlie the site.

Core recovery improved with depth, and rock core logging was used to give empirical rock mass strength estimates.

Below is a video of site works (drilling rig) underway.

Running a drilling rig in a building can cause a build up of fumes and as such an extractor system was used to suck exhaust gas outside the building via lots of ducting.

Site Investigation Bristol

Geotechncial Consultants Bristol

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