Monday, 28 January 2019

Flood Risk Assessment - Devon

 Flood Risk Assessment - Devon

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for two lake side holiday lodges, in Devon.

We were approached by Architects who provided plans and fave a description of the proposed development for 2 holiday lodges situate don the edge of a Lake.

This type of development is becoming very popular as it is the 3rd FRA we have prepared for such a development in the Southwest, in recent months.

A Pond

Perhaps the single most important factor is the likely flood depth. For this we have two sources, one being slightly quicker than the other which was used in this instance because the report was required on a quick turnaround.

Southwest Environmental Limited have prepared Flood Risk Assessments for a large variety of developments from small houses, to factories and 200 home developments, we provide the same high level of services to all clients regardless of project value. 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Travel Plan - Wigan

Travel Plan - Wigan

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned to write two travel plans for sites in Wigan. The plans relate to the upgrade of sports facilities within the Wigan area. 

The travel plan draws on data from a transport assessment, and and makes recommendation for target reductions in cars based transport with increases in sustainable transport methods such as walking. 

Did you know that 800m is considered a maximum reasonable walking distance when assessing Transport.  

The reports are currently being written and will be submitted to Wigan Council for review, and hopefully approval!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Transport Assessment - Thurrock

Transport Assessment - Thurrock

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently been engaed to undertake a Transport Assessment for a School in Thurrock District Council

The Transport Assessment is to support a Planning Application for extension for a school. The extension includes numerous new class rooms as well as associated site layout improvements.

The transport assessment will include a baseline study, junction modelling and an assessment oif routes to and from the school.

SWEL have prepared numerous transport assessments in Thurrock, and can normally produce reports of this nature on a quick turn around.

We would be happy to discuss you project with you by phone or email. There is a no charge until we agree a fee for our services.