Thursday, 25 October 2018

Noise & Vibration Monitoring - Horsham, West Sussex

Southwest Environmental Limited were recently commissioned undertake long term noise and vibration monitoring for a site in Horsham.

The site in question was a residential usage, with demolition and construction activities occurring immediately adjacent.

Concerns were raised by residents and site management with regards to the levels of noise and vibration experienced by residents.

SWEL acted rapidly to implement a monitoring program on behalf of the client, with an aim to reassure residents.

It was found that noise and vibration levels were for the most part below thresholds as described in the relevant British Standards, although there were some short term exceedances.

The situation has now been described to the residents and its is clear they have been reassured as the number of complaints has dropped significantly.

If you have any requirement for Noise and Vibration Monitoring please ring for a no obligation no charge discussion, and we will duly provide a fixed price quotation.

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