Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Part B Permit Application - Wood Waste Burner - Somerset

Part B Permit Application - Wood Waste Burner - Somerset

Acting on instructions from a client in Somerset, Southwest Environmental Limited have started a Part B Permit Application for a number of Wood Waste Burners or Incinerators.

The wood waste burners are located at the clients base of operation and are used to:

  1. Dispose of Wood Waste
  2. Provide a Source of Heat
The Part B Application will include the interpretation of monitoring data to assess impacts on nearby receptors. 

The manufactures information, suggests that the burners operate at a high temperature, and this reduces emissions. Low temperature combustion typically emits more emissions, this is why many incinerators have an "after burner" which is where fuel is used to burn off any unwanted emissions prior to further abatement. 

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