Tuesday, 5 September 2017

ELV Permit Application - Hertford

ELV Permit Application - Hertford

SWEl have been commissioned to undertake a ELV permit for a recycling company based in Hertfordshire. An End of Life Vehicle Environmental Permit (ELV Permit) will allow the company to break cars on it site, and transfer wastes on for other uses.

The site is a good site in terms of the environmental constraints. . .  for example it is not near to any SSSIs etc. which can complicate applications of this nature.

The ELV permit application requires the following documents:

  • Application Forms
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management System
  • Site Condition Report
  • Fire Prevention Plan
The fire prevention plan is the latest addition to the documentary requirements and is a time consuming document to prepare with site layout plans, stack layout plans and various other scale drawing required.

The permit is now duly made, and awaiting determination. SWEL submitted the permit on a rapid turnaround, within 1 week of commissioning. 

Environmental Permit Applications

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