Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit Application - Barnstaple

Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit Application - Barnstaple

Acting upon instruction from a client in Barnstaple, Devon, Southwest Environmental Limited have submitted a bespoke permit application for a flood risk activity permit.

The proposal was for a lowering of ground level within 9 meters of a main river. It was thought strange that lower of ground adjacent to a river require a permit, owing to likley positive flood storage benefits, but the Environment Agency are concerned with the disruption of the channel, and the potential for pollution to enter the river.

To that end the application forms etc. were filed and a number of supporting documents such as plannings and environmental management systems have been submitted, so the Environment agency can determine the application for this flood risk activity permit.

Flood risk activity permits are a relatively recent addition to the Environmental permitting regime, however they have been in forced under older regulatory regimes prior to being migrated to the EPR regs.

There are a number of standard flood risk activity permits available for an obscure set of activities, so for most operation a bespoke flood risk activity permit will be required.

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