Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ship Recycling Project Management Cornwall UK - The Children's Friend

Ship Recycling Project Management Cornwall UK - Intro

After 100 years or more of service a typical motor fishing vessel is coated in hazardous chemicals and has many types of oil driven systems, engines and fuels stored within it. To dismantle a motor fishing vessel in situ requires a project management strategy that puts protection of the environment at the forefront.

Ship Recycling Project Management Cornwall UK - The Ship

Wooden fishing vessels have a low scrap value, and as such are prone to being left to rot in harbours and estuaries across the UK.

A Fine Boat in her Day - Now a Liability

Ship Recycling Project Management Cornwall UK - The Method

Obviously to explain the method in detail here would be rather long winded. But care was taken through out that the marine environment should be protected at all stages. As with all waste management activities the key is to segregate the maximum percentage of arising wastes so as to retrieve recyclable scrap, and minimize wastes to landfill.

Arising wastes consisted mostly of wood, concrete, iron and steel.

Cutting - Part of the Process
Southwest Environmental Limited  maintain an on site present during critical stages of the salvage operation, to ensure that the ship recycling project is managed effectively.

Welcome to our Office - Maintaining Coms. & Records whilst on site

Ship Recycling Project Management Cornwall UK - The Result

With the ship now removed from the harbour all stakeholders are happy. The harbour is at a lower risk from pollution incidents relating to the derelict boats, there is more room, and a maximum percentage of waste was diverted from land fill.

On the Road - Her Final Journey
 Environmental Consultants

Monday, 20 October 2014

Sequential Test for Planning Application - Catterick, North Yorkshire

Sequential Test for Planning Application - Catterick, North Yorkshire

It can be the case that planning authorities will take exception to a particular project and make requests for all kinds of extra information, to support the application, at a level of detial that would not normally be required.

Southwest Environmental were approached by a developer who was building a number of residential units in a Flood Zone 3. An initial flood risk assessment had been undertaken previously by a consultant and appeared to be of sufficient detail, however the local planning authority required extra clarification with regards to the sequential test.

SWEL have an well proven method for carrying out sequential test, and this was applied once more in this instance.

The project was well considered with regards to flood risk, the buildings design and choice of materials were  well chosen.

Sequential Test Consultants

Air Quality Assessment - Brent, London (NW6)

Air Quality Assessment - Brent, London (NW6)

Acting on instructions from a client in Brent, London Southwest Environmental are to undertake a detailed indoor air quality assessment.

A resident approached Southwest Environmental Limited with concerns over the quality of air within their living space. It was thought that air quality might be lowered owing to the neighbouring property uses.

A passive monitoring scheme is being undertaken over a 30 days period so as to establish indoor air quality. A very wide spectrum of common air borne determinants are to be tested for including a range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and nicotine.

Monitored levels will then be compared with known safe levels as published by the WHO, and HSE.

If you have any requirements for indoor air quality monitoring and subsequent interpretive anlaysis then pleas egt in touch we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Air Quality Consultants

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Desktop Study - Dunsford, Exeter

Desktop Study - Dunsford, Exeter

A farmer was looking to satisfy various pre-commencement planning conditions listed on his planning approval for an agricultural dwelling in Dunsford near Exeter.

SWEL were not sure why a desktop study was requested as the site was green field . . . although it was adjacent to some existing farm buildings. Discussions with Dartmoor National Park Authority had not resulted in the condition being removed and as such the desktop study was carried out, with the obvious recommendation that conditions relating to contaminated land were discharged.

 Desktop Study Exeter

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Flood Risk Assessment - Wandsworth (SW11)

Flood Risk Assessment - Wandsworth (SW11)

Southwest Environmental have just completed a Flood risk Assessment for a small project in Wandsworth London.  The development saw the retention of a typical terraced house with an extension to the rear.

The property had a basement to include living accommodation but not sleeping accommodation. This is an important differentiation.

The sequential test was not required for this development as it is a domestic extension.

If you would like a flood risk assessment carried out in wandsworth, then please gt in touch, are prices are reasonable and our service prompt.

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application - Cranleigh

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application - Cranleigh

Acting on instructions from a waste management company, SWEL is to undertake permit supplication for a Standard rules SR2008No13_75kte – non-hazardous & hazardous household waste amenity site. The actual site use is for the sorting and transfer of batteries, rather than the type of amenity site one would normally expect.

The proposed site has modern drainage, a secure indoor storage area, and surfaces are impermeable and in good condition, this all helps make sure that application can be made without delay.

In support of the application Southwest Environmental will prepare:

  • Application Forms
  • Environmental Management System
  • Site Condition Report
  • Waste Policy
  • Risk Assessment
The site operator is already preparing to undertake relevant training such as EPOC.

Waste Transfer Station Permit

Environmental Consultants London

Monday, 8 September 2014

Flood Risk Assessment - Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon

Flood Risk Assessment - Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon

Acting on instructions from Idmiston Parish Council Southwest Environmental have undertaken a Parish Wide flood risk assessment, in advance of revisions being made to the parish plan.

The assessment is to ocver the 3 villages of Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon and has a broad scope to cover the following sources of flood risk;

  • Fluvial - River Flooding from the River Bourne is  can affect some areas within the parish. Most developments are outside of Zone 3.
  • Pluvial - Surface Water flooding represents the highest risk within the parish. Run-off from side valleys to the main river valley create large volumes of run-off during.
  • Ground Water - Ground water is rather more occluded in nature than other types of flooding, it can affect.
  • Sewer -  Post intense rain fall events local sewer networks can become overwhelmed, this can be a result of blockages, poor maintenance or catchment transfer. 

A draft report has been produced with an aim to achieve a reduction in flood risk within the parish, this is to be achieved by a raft of measures which will be discussed with the Council Members, for inclusion within the final report.

The report was referenced in the submitted neighbourhood plan (page 32) for Idmiston Parish Council, the plan also contained some interesting photos supplied by Idmiston Residents.

Flood Risk Assessment Wiltshire

Thursday, 21 August 2014

BREEAM Planning Strategy Report - Kensington and Chelsea

BREEAM Planning Strategy Report - Kensington and Chelsea

For domestic refurbishments of a certain scale Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council require the project to be assessed under BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment. At the planning stage Southwest Environmental can produce a planning level strategy report to satisfy planners. 

The property in question was a large terraced house, with planning sought for a large basement to incorpertae a swimming pool and gym.

SAP Rating Before Refurbishment

SAP Rating After Refurbishment

Detailed SAP calculations were carried out to assess, the energy consumption and the building before and after the refurbishment. BREEAM requires decreases in energy consumption in order to score points. 

Unlike a new build project, a refurbishment starts at a disadvantage as there a numerous physical constraints, also in listed buildings there is the outward appearance to consider although allowances are made for this in the BREEAM Assessment Methodology.

Kensington and Chelsea require that 40% of the overall score come from sections relating to Energy Consumption and Water Consumption. It is thought that the specification of CHP scored very well in these areas allowing much freedom in other challenging areas such as fabric energy efficiency.

As always Southwest Environmental recommend airtightness as a cost effective solution that rarely inhibits appearance and design. Airtightness is a very important factor in the Passive House Standard, where extreme levels of energy efficiency are delivered.

Passive House 

BREEAM Reports

Desktop Study - Doddiscombeleigh, Devon

Desktop Study - Doddiscombeleigh, Devon

Southwest Environmental have recently undertaken a Desktop Study (sometimes called a Phase 1 contamination report) for an individual in Devon.

The site was occupied by 2 or 3 barns which had been used of rearing of livestock. This site was considered to be low risk. And the it was recommended that conditions relating to contaminated land were discharged.

Desktop Study Devon

Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy - Seaton

Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy - Seaton

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently produced a Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy for a client in Seaton, Devon.

The report included specification of surface water sewers with calculation for attenuation in line with CIRIA guidance.

Sewers both surface and foul were specified in line with Sewers for Adoption 7.

The strategy took in the account the current sewers on site, and the locality of mains sewers in the area.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessment - Barking

Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessment - Barking

Acting on instructions from a firm of architects SWEL have prepared a Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessment Report for a 30 unit development in Barking, London.

The Project Achieved a very high SAP Rating

The scheme sees the refurbishment of an existing building and a large extension to rear which is new build. The project is required to meet Level 4 in the Code for Sustainable Homes.
In order to assess energy consumption for the development detailed SAP calculations were undertaken. To derived TER and subsequent DER. As well as high levels of fabric energy efficiency the scheme is to use combine heat and power. This will not only provide very low carbon emissions, it also provides scoring benefits under NOX emissions, and low carbon technologies sections of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Combined heat and power will also provide considerable income for the building management company under the government Renewable Heat Incentive, a tariff which pay on renewable heat energy technologies.

Further Reading:

Barking and Dagenham
Code for Sustainable Homes
NOX Levels from CHP

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ship Recycling Plan - Exeter

Ship Recycling Plan - Exeter

Whilst undertaking a complex permit application for a ship recycling facility in Exeter, UK. Southwest Environmental Limited were requested to prepare a Ship Recycling Plan.

The ship recycling plan was based on the following guidance, whilst has alterations made for contextual accuracy.

  •  Overview of ship recycling in the UK (DEFRA 2007)
  •  Guidelines for ballast water management and developments of ballast water management plans (International Maritime Organization)
  • Guidelines on Ship Recycling (InternationalMaritime Organization, 2003)
  • Ballast performance standards set by the Convention for the Control and Management of Ship Ballast Water and Sediments (International Maritime Organization, 2004)
  • 2012 Guidelines For Safe And Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling (MEPC)
It was felt that this document could in some way replace the environmental management system, and certainly creates a lot of duplications, but the ship recycling plan was requested as part of the duly made requirements, upon appraisal of the application by the Environment Agency, and so had to be submitted to meet their requirements.

If you require a Ship Recycling Plan for you operation then please get in touch. Contact details are at the top of the page.

Compliance Consultants Exeter

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Contaminated Land Review - Exeter

Acting on instructions from a development company SWEL are to review data relating to the restoration of development site which has seen considerbale quantities of materials imported for use as fill.

Records of imported materials have been well kept and cross referenced with laboratory analysis.

Using our standard generic quantitative assessment methods SWEL are producing a report to assess whether the site is fit for intended use, based on the provided data.

Contaminated Land Consultants Exeter

Friday, 6 June 2014

Flood Risk Assessment - Seaton, Devon

Flood Risk Assessment - Seaton

Acting on instruction from a local authority Southwest Environmental Limited are to carry out a flood risk assessment for a proposed car car in Seaton, Devon.

The site is within a very complicated area with regards to flooding with recording instances of sewer and river (fluvial) flooding. Owing to the site's proximity to the sea the action of waves is also important, having to be assessed relevant to the quality of flood defences in the area.

As well as up to date flood data the data ordered also contained various historic data as per above. This is not the not, and is handy as it includes information on the location of sewer flooding.

Flood Risk

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Desktop Study - Ealing, London

Desktop Study - Ealing, London

Southwest Environmental have conducted a desktop study to appraise land contamination at a site in Ealing London, on behalf of a development company.

The site was empty, and currently unused. Histroic searches showed that the site used to be occupied by a cinema.

Although it was thought that there was low risk from contaminated from this use, there were concerns raised over the possible presence of asbestos, and the also the integrity of control measures applied to a sub station in one corner of the site. 

A site investigation was therefore recommended, soil sampling in the area adjcent to the electricy sub staion to test for PCBs and soil sampling else where to test for the presence of asbestos.

Desktop Study London

Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan - Tilbury Essex

Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan - Tilbury Essex

Southwest Environmental typically include a basic flood warning and evacuation plan within our Standard Flood Risk Assessment Report. However, some times for large multi use developments, in high risk areas a more detailed report is needed.

These Flood Warning and Evacuation Plans have numerous objectives which are listed below:

  • To inform residents and / or site users of likely flood conditions, how deep, will it be fast flowing.
  • To explain the flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency and how to interpret these warning, and act upon them.
  • To describe the location of any safe refuge that may be included within the building. 
A safe refuge is an area assigned within a building that is set above the 1 ;1000 year flood level. Residents or employees can move to this higher area within the building in the event of a flood. They may have to remain in the safe refuge for a number of day so it is important that there is space and facilities available accordant with the anticipated number of occupants.
It was conditioned within the planning approval for the development that a list of provisions be included for the safe refuge store within the Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan, and this was provided based on MSN 1676 a specification for provision in life raft and life boats. Irrelevant equipment was omitted, but by following this guide it was thought a long lasting and useful collection provisions was established on site.

This particular project in Tilbury, Essex require two plans, one for residential site users and one for commercial users.

If you have requirements of this nature with regards to a planning application or a planning condition relating to Flood Warning and Evacuation Plans then please get in touch.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Contaminated Land Site Investigation - Epsom and Ewell

Southwest Environmental have recent been commissioned to undertake a contaminated land  site investigation within the London borough of Epsom and Ewell. The site investigation was commissioned on Wednesday the 30th April, and work began on the 6th of May. Making for a very prompt start.

I addition to the soil sampling of a car park area, vapour monitoring was also undertaken in the existing building which is ear marked for conversion under the new permitted development rights.

Another riveting photo!
The samples are currently with the labs on a very quick 3 day turnaround meaning the draft (soils only) report will be issued just two weeks after commissioning.

Environmental Permit Application - Hereford

Acting on instruction from a construction and demolition company based to the north of Hereford. Southwest Environmental are undertaking an environmental permit application for a SR2010No12 permit (Treatment of waste to produce soil, soil substitutes and aggregate) .

The application site is ideally situated and meet the criteria for a standard permit;

• 10 metres of any watercourse;
• 50 metres from any spring or well, or from any borehole not used to supply water for domestic or food
production purposes; and
• 50 metres from any well, spring or from any  borehole used for the supply of water for human
consumption.  This must include private water supplies.
• 250metres within the presence of Great Crested Newts, where it is linked to the breeding ponds of the
newts by good habitat.; 
• 50 metres of a site that has relevant species or habitats protected under the Biodiversity Action Plan
that the Environment Agency considers at risk to this activity.;. 
• 50 metres of a National Nature Reserve (NNR), Local Nature Reserves(LNR), Local Wildlife 
  Site (LWS), Ancient woodland or Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The application is under way, with fairly limited supporting documentation constituting and Environmental management System, and a Site Condition Report.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Flood Risk Assessment - Bristol

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned to write a flood risk assessment to accompany a planning application.

SWEl were informed that that the site was within flood zone 1, and was at low risk of flooding from tides and rivers. However, there was a question with regards to surface water flooding.

Unlike most developments that see the introduction of built elements, with a subsequent decrease in attenuation, the proposal saw the introduction of large areas of woodland and meadow land which resulted in a 10% increase in attenuation.

Flood Risk Bristol

Friday, 25 April 2014

Daylight Assessment for Basement Flat - Haringey

Daylight Assessment for Basement Flat - Haringey

SWEL were approached by a property company in Haringey, London, to undertake an assessment of daylighting in an existing basement flat, with a view to making improvements to to increase daylighting.

A recommended level (ADF) of 1.5% is given for living areas, and the calculated ADF for the living area was around 0.25%.

The existing basement had an open sky angle of around 19 degrees, and an obstruction angle of 50 degrees. A report was published to suggest improvements that saw calculated ADF raised to 1.6%.

Sunlight and Daylight Assessment

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Contaminated Land Site Investigation - Newton Abbot

Southwest Environmental had previously carried out a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Desktop Study for a site in the Teign Valley. The site had been extensively worked as mine over the last 100 years or so, before being developed for residential use, probably around 40 years ago.

Soil sampling was undertaken using hand dug trial pits across the site, with a total of 10 sampling locations. Gas monitoring wells were also installed under the proposed extension foot print, ground water was close to the surface.

Sub soils conditions were varied, bedrock was encountered in the first 1 meter below ground level in some holes, whilst other were fill.

Plan Annotated During Field Work

We are awaiting results from the labs but there were no odorous materials detected during the ground investigation.

Site Investigation Devon

Friday, 7 March 2014

Phase 1 Desktop Study - Plymouth

Acting on instruction from a developer in Plymouth, Southwest Environmental produced a phase 1 desktop study report for a planning application.

The site was on the city outskirts and had enjoyed an agricultural history. It was not foreseen that the land could be unduly contaminated and so its was recomedned that the site contamination assessment be arrested at this first phase.

An agricultural past with no buildings on site will nearly always mean low risk of harm resulting from site occupiers, although of course each site has to be assessed on an individual basis.

 Desktop Study Plymouth

Attenuation Tank Design - Surrey

Following on from planning level reporting resulting in the conditioning of various surface water management requirements. Southwest Environmental are finalising design of surface water management system for a site in Surrey.

Design of attenuation tank in line with SUDs manual - Outflow requirements are negotiated with local sewer provider Thames Water, and tank capacity is adjusted to minimise capital outlay for developer.

Application is made to Thames Water for Sewer Connection. 

Note: The size of a surface water attenuation tank is based on the peak inflow rates from the site  (the run-off coefficient is taken it to account when calculating this), and the maximum outflow rate. For example a 5 litre per second outflow rate would require an attenuation tank size of 20 cubic meters, whilst a 10 litre per second out flow would require an 8 cubic meter attenuation tank.

As well as the attenuation tank design, a maintenance plan was submitted for it continued upkeep.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Environmental Permit Application - Exeter

Environmental Permit Application - Exeter

Acting on Instruction from a business in Exeter, Southwest Environmental were commissioned to undertake a environmental permit application for a bespoke end of life vehicles, waste facility (EOLV).

Environmental Permit Application -Site Condition Report

Owing to an an industrial past it was deemed appropriate to undertake soil sampling on site to establish baseline conditions before permit issue. This is not only a requirement of the permit application but helps safe guard the operator against liabilities arising from contaminated land.

Site works took place over two days, site surfacing although continuous was easily broken through, and sampling was completed in around 4 - 6 hours.

Samples are currently at the labs, and records of results will be placed in the site condition report.

Environmental Permit Application - EMS

The company do have aspirations to become accredited to ISO14001, and this would satisfy EMS requirements under the permit, but in the mean time the company will use a in house system.

The environmental management system was written by southwest environmental with aspects and impacts being carefully considered before the products of management matrices etc.

Desktop Study - Exmouth

Desktop Study - Exmouth

Acting on instruction received from an architect in Devon, a phase 1 contamination survey was conducted at a property situated in close proximity to historic mine workings. The dwelling which is established on site is in fact an old engine shed / pump house left over from historic mining in the area.

The geology in the area was very complex, with numerous faults and metamorphosed mud stones and shale, it is likely that the mineral working were advanced in search of hydro thermal deposits.

It became apprent through the review of histroic maps that mining had been carried out on site since before 1889.

In this instance further work was unavoidable, as so a site investigation and quantitative risk assessment were recommended.

Desktop Study Exeter

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Flood Risk Assessment - Wandsworth, London

 Flood Risk Assessment - Wandsworth,  London

SWEL were engaged by a firm of architects in Wandsworth, London to undertake a flood risk assessment for a change of use planning application.

The report was completed in under 5 working days, and issued via email. Recommendation were that checks should be made to confirm estimate existing floor levels and if they were above a certain level, then permission should be granted.

Of higher than usual concern in the area was sewer flooding, which may have been a result as a result of catchment transfer on a local level.

Flood Risk Reports Wandsworth

Flood Risk Assessment

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

SWEL were engaed to undertake a geotechnical investigation within an existing reatial unit, structural engineers required ground data so as to construct a mezzanine floor.

There was restrict access on site but with the help of an expert crew from Stunt Drilling Services,  3 rotary boreholes were advanced 10 meters below ground level in to the Sandstones and Coal measures that underlie the site.

Core recovery improved with depth, and rock core logging was used to give empirical rock mass strength estimates.

Below is a video of site works (drilling rig) underway.

Running a drilling rig in a building can cause a build up of fumes and as such an extractor system was used to suck exhaust gas outside the building via lots of ducting.

Site Investigation Bristol

Geotechncial Consultants Bristol

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Legal Review - Insect Nuisance

Legal Review - Insect Nuisance

SWEl are undertaking a legal review of a business environmental managment proceedures relating to insect nuisence experinced by neighbouring properties.

A waste treatment facility gives is situated in close proximity to a collection of office buildings, summer see fly populations reach klevels where by occupants are annoyed / irritated by presence of flys.

Site owners are concerned that the fly problem which is now established is discouraging potential tenants from the office park.

SWEL are conductig a legal review with an aim to making a case to aid the site owners in their aim of reducing the fly nuisence.

Compliance Consultants