Friday, 8 November 2013

Mould Risk Report - Tavistock

Mould Risk Report - Tavistock

A popular visitor attraction had concerns over mould that was present in one of their buildings.

It was apparent that condensation was causing moisture to form on the walls of the building, causing ideal conditions for mould.

Mould can cause problems when people with allergies or weakened immune system are exposed to it directly, its spores or metabolites such as the various types of toxins produced by mould species.

It was thought due to the transitory nature of visitors to the building that symptoms would have little time to develop as would be the case with residential mould problems.

SWEL recommended cleaning of the room with a domestic grade fungicide and increasing ventilation.

Again owing to small patches of mould, the subsequent cleaning and transitory nature of users it was deemed that their was low risk of harm.

If you would like SWEL to prepare a Mould Risk Report then please get in contact. (Number at top of page)

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