Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Water Quality Impact Assessment - Kent

Water Quality Impact Assessment - Kent

Southwest Environmental Limited wear commissioned by a client from the Midlands, to undertake a Water Quality Impact Assessment in Kent. The assessment was for a proposed activity in a water body, where the water quality of said water body was very important to various stakeholders.

Luckily there was pre-existing monitoring data available from a pre-existing site which was utilised to form a baseline study.

The main risk from the activity was judged to be biological contamination of the water body. However, all the potentially impacted stakeholders would like not be affected owing to treatment of the water prior to use that would eliminate the biological contamination.

E Coli - A common Marker for Coliforms

The Water Quality Impact Assessment also identified that the baseline levels of pathogens within the water body as existing were relatively high, this was likely to introduction for farm land and water fowl. As the levels of these pathogens in baseline sample data fluctuated according to rainfall, which in the case of farm land / manure at least would indicate run-off as a source.

ADF Daylight Assessment - Lambeth SW4

ADF Daylight Assessment - Lambeth SW4

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently issued a ADF Daylight Assessment Report for a project in Lambeth.

The design of the project was most unusual. It consisted of a dwelling being built in a gap in a row of terraced houses. Instead of using the full available height to match the existing houses, the development makes use of a basement and a ground floor level only. As such is fairly unique in appearance certainly when considering the immediate vicinity.

Basement & Ground Floor Only Design

This low level construction obviously aided in the minimisation of any day lighting or sun lighting issues, and the dwelling met all criteria relating to external impacts as described in BR209. Interior lighting was found to be excellent throughout with ADF values exceeding guide minimum values by some margin.

SWEL regulatory carry out Sunlight and Daylight Assessments across the Greater London Area. Our reports are well received and we pride our selves on a quick turnaround, often in 5 working days or less.

The above image is reproduced courtesy of Tekton Design & Build SW18.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Part B Permit Application - Wood Waste Burner - Somerset

Part B Permit Application - Wood Waste Burner - Somerset

Acting on instructions from a client in Somerset, Southwest Environmental Limited have started a Part B Permit Application for a number of Wood Waste Burners or Incinerators.

The wood waste burners are located at the clients base of operation and are used to:

  1. Dispose of Wood Waste
  2. Provide a Source of Heat
The Part B Application will include the interpretation of monitoring data to assess impacts on nearby receptors. 

The manufactures information, suggests that the burners operate at a high temperature, and this reduces emissions. Low temperature combustion typically emits more emissions, this is why many incinerators have an "after burner" which is where fuel is used to burn off any unwanted emissions prior to further abatement. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Planning Application for Waste Transfer Station - Hereford

Planning Application for Waste Transfer Station

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned to undertake a planning application for a Waste Transfer Station in Hereford. We provide this service nation wide to wide range of clients.

The proposed transfer station would see up a planning application ahead of a permit application for a general waste transfer station, for the storage, treatment and transfer of wastes.

At present the site used as a builders yard, but the application will see the incorporation of 25 x 25 meter industrial building, weighbridge, storm water system, fire water system and leachate management system.

Impacts considered during the application will be noise, transport and possibly odour. The site is well situated as it is not close to any residential properties.

Southwest Environmental have thus far produced project drawings including Site Location, Building Plans, Layout Plans, Drainage Plans and a Design and Access Statement in support of the project.

Planning Applications London 

Monday, 26 February 2018

Flood Risk Assessment - Catford SE6

Flood Risk Assessment - Catford SE6

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned by a client to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment at a site in South East London.

The project was for conversion of a basement to living quarters. This is usually one of the more difficult situation to get passed off with the Environment Agency (as consultees in planning) as a flooded basement is not a very good thing / situation:

  • It is hard to dry out.
  • It is hard to get flood data (most relates to ground level).
  • Hard to prove people will be safe.
All these things / factors  stack up against the normal bunch / collection of criteria / things that must be met to satisfy both the Environment Agency and the Local Planning Authority. 

In this instance there was a slight advantage as the basement on this site was more akin to a lower ground floor, being open on 3 sides, only being below ground level on the street frontage. 

However, it has still been necessary to make a detailed study of  site levels relative to the flood levels. Only in this way can SWEL provide mitigation measures when considering the risk involved. 

Environmental Permit Surrender - Newton Abbot

Environmental Permit Surrender - Newton Abbot 

Southwest Environmental Limited were approached by a Gentleman looking to surrender a Historic End of Life Vehicle License.

When a Licence or Permit is no longer required it has to be "surrendered", this is a process by which the Environment Agency check that nothing bad has happened on site, and the give the Ok for the Permit to be surrendered.

At the time of writing a strategy has been submitted to the Environment Agency that does not include for soil sampling. Soil sample is an expensive part of the surrender process.

Empty Oil Drums - Used for Storage of Scrap Metal

Soil sampling is often required when putting together a Site Condition Report. However, whilst this is useful at the baseline stage, it is not overly useful when surrendering a Historic Permit, especially when the site has had a very long industrial use extending 100's of year in to the past.

How do we decide in this instance who is responsible for any contamination (lead for example) that might be found in the soils? This is impossible to answer.

A desk based site condition report has been assembled that may prove this point. But the report is being scrutinised at present.

Environmental Permit Surrender

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sunlight and Daylight Assessment - Lambeth SW16

Sunlight and Daylight Assessment - Lambeth SW16

Acting on instruction from a repeat client Southwest Environmental Limited have carried out a daylighting assessment for a mews style development in Lambeth, London.

The concern here was not impact on existing neighbours but the provision of adequate light for future occupants. 

Sky Angel has a Strong Effect on ADF Values

An ADF value was calculated for each room with all assessed rooms demonstrating adequate lighting. 

There are a number of factors which effect the ADF value of a room, but the most important ones are window size relative to window size. 

Southwest Environmental carry out around 20 sunlight and daylight studies in London every year. If the design does not produce adequate light or excessive impact then we can offer design advice, which will normally rectify the problem.