Friday, 16 August 2019

BRE365 Soak-Away Testing in Gloucester

BRE365 Soak-Away Testing in Gloucester

SWEL recently received a phone call from a company in Gloucester who needed a BRE 365 soak-awat report for a planning application. They happened to have a digger and a water supply on site, so we attended site on the same day to take measurements etc. and produce a report (the following day).

We also included some surface water drainage strategy in the report, and made a robust conclusion that will hopefully see that the planning related matters are satisfied.

A Large Excavator

The digger used was really rather karge for the job, we would normally use a 2.5 ton digger. But in this instance we had a 20 ton beast, with a 1.5m wide bucket. Needless to say the holes were quite large.

If you require some soak-away testing undertaking we can help out, maybe not on the same day as we did here but we will do our best.

Foul and Surface Water Drainage

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Desktop Study - Margate

Desktop Study - Margate

Southwest Environmental Limited has recently been commissioned to undertake a Desktop Study Report in Margate, UK (there is one in the USA too). 

The report will use maps, historical information and other data to make a review of the site in terms of likely hood of contaminated land. 

We are providing the report on a quick turnaround in less than 5 working days. 

SWEL have been providing quality desktop reports to industry and individuals for over a decade.

This report is for a residential development. 

Compliance Reviw at Pharmaceutical Company - Woking

Compliance Review at Pharmaceutical Company - Woking


Southwest Environmental Limited have recently visited a Pharmaceutical Company near Woking, a Town situated to the Southwest of London

We were invited to attend site so as to make a review a specific processes and make comment on whether they were appropriate. 

There was the over all site process and classification to consider, and also the waste streams created on site, and consideration of compliant disposal routes. 

We completed our review and provided a comprehensive write up of our findings within 3 working days of the site visit. 

Southwest Environmental Limited has been advising complex industries on compliance for over a decade, we work hard to understand you process so we can supply the best possible advise.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Odour Impact Assessment - Devon

Odour Impact Assessment - Devon

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently issued an Odour Impact Assessment report for a large poultry unit in Devon.

The report accounts for the placement of a large number of broiler (for meat) chickens in two sheds. 

There were various receptors near site that are sensitive to odour the limit being set at 3.0 eOU/m3.  

We use an AERMOD model to derive a Annual 98th Percentile Mean. 

The model use source inputs, which we referenced from the SCAIL report and receptors  are chosen, based on  proximity and sensitivity.

Ammonia Assessment - Cornwall

Ammonia Assessment - Cornwall

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently completed an Ammonia Assessment for an an agricultural building in Cornwall. 

The building is a large modern dairy unit with  associated yard areas and slurry management infrastructure. 

The brief from the client was to conduct a SCAIL Assessment so as to establish whether the project would screen out using this method of preliminary assessment. The project did not screen out, showing an exceedance of  ammonia deposition and concentration at nearby sensitive ecological receptors. 

Following this we constructed am AERMOD model to incorporate all features of the proposed development, and determined deposition and concentrations at the receptors that did not screen out in the SCAIL Assessment.

Our model return ed a positive result and we have submitted the report for assessment by Natural England.  

Monday, 13 May 2019

Flood Risk Assessment - Battersea - London

 Flood Risk Assessment - Battersea - London

Acting on Instruction from an Architect Southwest Environmental Limited have begun preparation of a flood risk assessment in Battersea, London.

The proposed development is for a property refurbishment with a basement extension. The flood risk assessment will look at fluvial, tidal and surface water flooding risks.

We will also make an appraisal of flood defences in the area. Most of the flood defences along the Thames are being upgraded to account for climate change, and as such provide a 1:1000 year protection levels provided they are no breached.

The proposed development does not include sleeping of primary living accommodation at basement level, this is advisable as the Environment Agency will Ilkley object to sleeping accommodation in basements, when in Flood Zones 2 or 3.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Noise Assessment - Camden - London

Southwest Environmental Limited  have been asked to prepare a Noise Assessment for a site on Camden High Street.  

Camden High Street is a short stretch of road (less than 500m long, forming part of the A400) in Camden Town, in north-northwest London.

KOKO, the former Camden Palace is in close proximity to the site and as such has been considered as a source of noise in the assessment. That being said planning conditions relating to the refitting and extension of KOKO see very strict noise control limits that should ensure minimal impact if properly enforced.

The report was assembled using secondary data from numerous baseline surveys that had been under taken in the area.

We then derived an appropriate background noise level, and compared this to British Standard noise level criteria, in accordance with BS 4142:214, the prevailing background sound level is not necessarily taken to  be the lowest recorded values, but rather the level that best represents the typical background  sound level during a defined period.

If you have any noise related planning issues, then please call the office for a no obligation discussion.